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Veterinary Services offered at Viking Drive Veterinary Hospital in Bossier City

We treat all your pets as family at Viking Drive Veterinary Hospital in Bossier City. With our team of vets with wide-ranging experiences, we can take care of your dogs, cats, rabbits, small animals, or farm animals, regardless of their needs. Here are some of the veterinary services we offer.

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Comprehensive Exams & Preventative Care

Preventative care includes wellness exams. These regular visits help us track your pet's health and note any changes that could indicate developing problems.


When a veterinarian recommends surgery, you want to trust your pet to an experienced professional. Our experts have the tools and expertise to ensure your pet gets the best surgical care possible, whether for spaying, neutering, or for any other procedure.


Vaccinations keep your pet healthy by preventing potentially fatal diseases. Rabies, feline leukemia, parvovirus and other pet-specific conditions require vaccines to prevent them. Vaccines are one of the easiest ways to prevent serious illness in your pet. Ask which vaccines our vet recommends for your companion animal at your next appointment.

Pet Illness & Urgent Care

You can't always predict when your pet needs care. Illnesses and injuries require immediate treatment. Even if you don't have an appointment, we can work you in if your pet has an urgent need. Our vets are here to help your pet, especially in emergency situations.


Your pet's dental health is just as important as your oral care. If you are concerned about your pet's oral health or want advice on how to take care of your pet's teeth, make an appointment with one of our vets today.


Though covered in fur, your pet's skin is still important. Itching and irritation could be signs of a bigger problem in your pet. We offer dermatology services for your furry, feathered or scaly friends.


Bathing, brushing and trimming your pet's coat with an expert touch requires a trained groomer. Our groomers, Melody and Darlene, transform pets through their skills. With proper grooming, your pet will shed less and look better. Make an appointment today with Melody or Darlene for a well-groomed pet.


Don't leave your pet alone if you go out of town. Know that your companion is well-cared for by our staff at Viking Drive Veterinary Hospital when you board with us.

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Ensure your pet a long, healthy life by partnering with us. Our Bossier City clinic's staff is happy to keep your pet healthy for its whole life. Call today at (318) 747-9150 for an appointment for a wellness exam, vaccination, dental cleaning or any of our other veterinary services.

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