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Digital Ultrasound Services with our Bossier City, LA Veterinarian

Your pet deserves the best possible medical services at an affordable price- that's our belief, anyway! It's why the Bossier City veterinarian staff at Viking Drive Veterinary Hospital utilizes digital ultrasound among our many advanced and state-of-the-art services to ensure our pet patients are getting the best of what modern day veterinary care has to offer. 

Veterinarian doing Ultrasound on a petUnderstanding Digital Ultrasound: How it Works

Ultrasound is an excellent diagnostic tool for veterinary professionals because it allows us to see inside of your pet's body without the exposure to radio waves nor invasive procedures. Here's how it works:

  • As the name implies, ultrasound technology utilizes sound waves to produce images captured digitally on a screen.
  • High-frequency sound waves are emitted from our ultrasound machine. These sound waves painlessly and harmlessly penetrate your pet's body and bounce back once toward the device once they come in contact with different bodily tissues. This reflected sound is basically like an echo, which is then captured by the probe and converted into images. 
  • Different bodily tissues inside cats and dogs have different densities, so their "echoes" will show up differently on the digital imaging device.
  • Because our technology is digitized, we can quickly and easily share ultrasound images with other need-to-know members of your pet's healthcare team...including you!

Conditions Diagnosed & Managed with Digital Ultrasound

At our veterinary clinic in Bossier City, we use digital ultrasound to diagnose, monitor, and guide treatment for conditions such as:

  • Pregnancy 
  • Cancerous tumors, masses, and growths
  • Internal organ inspection 
  • Foreign body obstruction

Because of the frequency and quality of the sound waves, ultrasound will not pass through bone nor clear and healthy lungs. In these cases, X-ray imaging studies may be necessary.

What to Expect During Your Pet's Digital Ultrasound Appointment

Ultrasound is perfectly harmless to your animal, and unless your pet is particularly jumpy, we probably won't even need to sedate her! Your animal will simply be positioned in a comfortable position while we scan the target areas on your pet's body. We may need to shave a portion of your pet's fur or hair to ensure quality imaging. Based on the results of our examination, we'll let you know our recommendations, which may include follow-up appointments and modifications to your pet's plan of care.

Could Digital Ultrasound be a Valuable Service for your Beloved Cat or Dog? Contact the Viking Drive Veterinary Hospital in Bossier City, LA to Find Out 

To schedule an appointment with a veterinarian in Bossier City LA or to learn more about digital ultrasound and our other services, contact the Viking Drive Veterinary Hospital at (318) 747-9150 now. 

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