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Pet Dental Cleanings

While pet parents usually remember to take their cat or dog in for its annual wellness exam, many pet owners forget to schedule a pet dental appointment. Dental care is just as important for your pet's overall health and wellness. At Viking Drive Veterinary Hospital in Bossier City, LA, our veterinary team can help with your pet's dental care to keep your pet healthy.


Why Is Pet Dental Care Important?

Cats and dogs use their teeth for several necessary actions, including eating, holding objects, and vocalizing. To our pets, the teeth are like a set of hands. Having healthy teeth and gums is vital to your pet's overall health. Often, potentially dangerous and deadly diseases will first show symptoms in the mouth and gums. Heart and kidney disease can be diagnosed and treated early, often from pet dental cleanings and early detection.

How Can Pet Dental Cleaning Help?

Making sure your pet gets a regular dental cleaning is imperative for overall health. Like people, pets can start to accumulate debris and plaque around the gum line, impacting their dental health. Having regular pet dental cleanings with our veterinarians will clean the teeth and gums, removing plaque before it can cause gingivitis. Further, if your pet has diseased or broken teeth, our vets will be able to examine and possibly remove the infected teeth before the infection has a chance to spread or enter the bloodstream.

Symptoms of pet dental issues include trouble eating, bleeding gums, broken teeth, or changes in behavior. If your pet shows any of these signs, it needs a dental exam. Getting routine exams can help avoid these problems.

What Should I Expect During a Dental Cleaning?

To fully and completely clean your pet's teeth, your pet will have to undergo light anesthesia. This preventative step is for the protection of both our veterinarians and your pet. With your pet fully asleep, our veterinarians will be able to thoroughly clean in and around the teeth. If a tooth is diseased or broken, we may want to extract the tooth. Most pets feel a little sore following a dental cleaning and may be restricted to soft foods for the first 48 hours. Our team may also administer an antibiotic to fight off any possible infections that may have been noticed during the cleaning.  

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Getting routine dental cleanings is an important part of preventative care for your pet. Staying on top of your pet’s dental health will help avoid painful diseases. Our team at Viking Drive Veterinary Hospital in Bossier City, LA is passionate about keeping your pet healthy. To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment for your pet, call us today.

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