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Pet Bathing

Pet Bathing Tips from Viking Drive Veterinary Hospital in Bossier City, LA

Viking Drive Veterinary Hospital, your Bossier City veterinarian, offers you the latest on pet bathing tips. We provide you information on how often to clean your animal and what it can prevent.

Veterinarian bathing a dogVeterinarian Advice: How Often is Pet Bathing Necessary

How often should you bathe your pet depends on a variety of factors. Animals that play outside and tread or roll through mud and dig or explore every day probably need it more than most inside pets. The length of fur also may depend on how often your animal needs bathing. Keep in mind too that pets, particularly dogs, and cats, usually groom themselves.

Usually, you can bathe a pet about once a month with soap or shampoo designed for that animal’s skin and fur. You also might want to rinse your pet no more than once a week with plain water or wash that animal with a soap-free shampoo. Make sure you do not bathe your animal too often, or their skin and hair could become dry. Bathing too frequently could also lead to other problems such as balding or irritations and rashes.

Why You Should Groom your Pet and What it Could Prevent

Grooming could prevent your animal from developing an unpleasant odor, and it can kill viruses, fungi, and bacteria. In addition, it will help prevent parasites such as fleas, heartworms, or mites. Some moisturizing soaps can also condition the fur and skin. Bathing and grooming could also stop the attraction of fruit flies, bees, or other if some sticky food accidentally made its way onto the animal’s coat. In addition, taking a bath could accelerate healing of small infections or cuts you may not know your pet has.

Pet Bathing Tips for Extremely Dirty Animals

You might want to first hose the animal off outdoors on the lawn or with a shower or sink sprayer. However, make sure you test the water on the back of your hand like you would before cleaning a human baby. This will ensure the water is not too hot or too cold. Make sure not to spray water directly into the animal’s eyes.

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