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Parasite care and prevention is an essential aspect of caring for a pet. If you believe your pet has been infected with a parasite, Viking Drive Veterinary Hospital is ready to assist you. Our veterinarian has years of experience providing Bossier City pet owners with reliable deworming services. Our vet will assess your pet’s condition to determine whether or not their health is being affected by a parasite and perform treatment accordingly.


When Should You Deworm Your Pets? 

The best practice is to deworm puppies and kittens every two weeks before they turn three months old. Kittens and puppies can get parasites before birth from their moms, even if the mother has been dewormed. The frequency of subsequent deworming will depend on several variables including the breed’s susceptibility to parasites and the environment your pet lives in.

It is not always obvious when a pet requires deworming. Parasites are nearly invisible, and the symptoms of worm infestation take time to manifest. If you notice symptoms, such as weight loss, loss of fur, and lack of appetite, contact our vet immediately. 

Factors that Increase Exposure

Consider these factors: 

  • What are the most widespread parasites in your area? 
  • What's your pet's risk of exposure? Do they spend most of the day outside? Do they interact with other animals? Do you frequent daycares or busy dog parks? 
  • Have you traveled to other regions recently? Does the area have more parasites such as fleas and ticks?

Lowering Your Pet’s Risk of Exposure

You can reduce the likelihood of your pet being exposed to parasites and worms by taking these steps:

  1. Visit a vet for frequent checkups and consultations.
  2. Monitor your pet's exterior for weight loss, visible parasites, and loss of fur when grooming them.
  3. Pick up after your pets and wash your hands properly after discarding their feces.
  4. Cover sandboxes when they are not in use and protect garden areas.

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For more information on deworming or to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian, call Viking Drive Veterinary Hospital today at (318) 747-9150.

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