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Conditions Treated at Viking Drive Veterinary Hospital in Bossier City

At Viking Drive Veterinary Hospital, our team of professionals are committed to helping pets optimize their health at every stage of life. From young to adults, your beloved animals can find the compassionate help that they need. Here are a few conditions our veterinarians are able to manage or prevent.

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While most common in older pets, cancer or tumors can affect animals at any stage of life. Through routine exams and preventive screenings, we can increase the chances of early detection in order to provide more effective treatment, which may include medications and surgery. 

Orthopedic Injuries

Certain breeds of animals are at risk for various orthopedic injuries including fractures, joint dislocations, and tendon ruptures. Whether your pets need surgery or additional services, we can treat the issue and help minimize the risk of recurring problems. Our veterinarians will go over with you about the treatment options available for your pets’ injury.

Fleas, Ticks, and Other Parasites

Keeping your pets safe from parasitic infestations is usually as simple as maintaining a regular preventive medication routine. Fleas, ticks, and other parasites, such as heartworms and tapeworm, can bring about many dangerous illnesses like heartworm disease and Lyme disease. We can provide the right medication and intervention to keep your pets safe from these harmful conditions. 

Periodontal Disease

Do you know that your pets’ oral health has a strong influence on their overall well-being? We recommend routine dental screenings and exams in order to keep your pets’ teeth and gums clean and healthy. We also offer tooth extractions, surgeries, and other techniques to manage common oral health conditions like gum disease, teeth abscess, and tooth decay.

Skin and Ear Conditions

Animals often experience skin or ear irritation due to yeast or bacterial infections, allergies, or even sunburn. Our veterinarians may be able to identify the cause of your pets’ dermatological issue. We can prescribe topical or oral medications, or medicated shampoo to help alleviate the uncomfortable signs and symptoms.

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