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Benefits of Asthma Treatment for Dogs and Cats

Just like people, dogs and cats can have asthma too. Signs of asthma in dogs and cats cause difficulty breathing, a dry hacking cough, open mouth breathing, lack of interest in exercise, fatigue, lack of appetite, weight loss, and bluish gums. At the Viking Drive Veterinary Hospital, we will examine your dog or cat to determine if asthma is the problem. Often injections, medications, oxygen, inhalant treatments, diet changes, and lifestyle changes are part of the treatment. We treat both dogs and cats in Bossier City for asthma and will find the right treatment for each pet. Our vet custom designs treatment for each pet to suit their needs. 


Treatment of Asthma for Dogs and Cats at Viking Drive Veterinary Hospital

Our vet will examine your dog physically and often take X-rays and blood tests to make a proper diagnosis. We may do a procedure called a transtracheal wash. It retrieves cells from the throat and can help diagnose pet asthma. We are careful to rule out other possible disorders. Another test used is a bronchoscopy that puts a miniature camera down your pet’s throat to look at the lungs and collect sample tissue. Other tests performed are heartworm tests, a fecal sample taken to look for parasites, and urine samples.

Our vet will ask you about your pet symptoms to learn more about its condition. When your pet is having a severe attack, the vet might give them an injection of epinephrine to stop the attack and often administer oxygen at the same time. They may treat your dog with an inhalant and nebulizer and prescribe medications that your pet will have to take. They have bronchodilators and steroid inhalers. Other medications used are antihistamines and injections. The vet will suggest a diet that helps your dog avoid asthma attacks and some changes to your home. Cleaning the house more thoroughly, bathing your pet, getting a humidifier, and an exercise routine are all part of the treatment.

For your cat, the vet will perform many of the same tests to determine if your pet has asthma. The vet will give the cat a physical exam and ask you about the physical symptoms. They will perform blood and allergy tests, a transtracheal wash or cytology test to examine a culture of the throat and a bronchoscopy to look at the lungs. They might use a tomography or another test a radiograph to look at the lungs more closely.

In serve attacks, they might be given an injection and oxygen. Often corticosteroids are prescribed to reduce inflammation, bronchodilators to open up airways, and some other prescription medication could be needed to keep the symptoms down. Most drugs come in injection, oral, and inhaled form. The vet will often suggest a certain diet and lifestyle changes at home.

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